About IPMA

About IPMA

Pain is the most common cause of visits to the doctor. At some point in everyone’s life pain becomes a single and unbearable reality. Chronic pain can be disabling. At Integrated Pain Management of Alabama (IPMA) we offer unique pain management services in a private practice setting. We are medical doctors certified in anesthesiology, and our training makes us uniquely qualified to deliver our specialized therapies. Our patient population consists of those with chronic pain secondary to open wounds, serious injuries such as:

  • Crush and burn
  • Operative procedure(s)
  • Cancer
  • Traumatic brain/nervous system injury
  • Diseased aberrant nervous system conditions

About HBOT Treatment At IPMA

The number of clinics combining traditional pain medicine and HBOT are very infrequently encountered. There are two HBOT chambers in Mobile hospitals and they are not involved in pain medicine. There are none in Alabama.

We are extremely pleased that we are the only out patient clinic in the area to offer HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)Additionally, we are excited to offer this service at a more affordable cost to the patient compared to the traditional hospital setting.  This affords us great leverage in our specific patient niche.

HBOT is the process of raising ambient air atmospheric pressure 1.2 x to 2x in a closed chamber. Supplemental oxygen maybe added. The patient is placed in the chamber for a period of 40 to 60 minutes.  This process raises oxygen levels in the patients tissues resulting in numerous positive physiologic. They include:

  • Angiogenisis, is stimulation of growth of new blood supply to diseased areas like wounds for example.
  • Constriction of existing blood supply carrying increased oxygen. This gives diseased areas more vital oxygen allowing normalization of cellular processes.
  • Anti-inflamatory, immune system function is normalized resulting in improved healing.
  • Antinociception, means reduction in pain. HBOT via a,b and c. reduces pain. This is our primary treatment concern.
  • TBI/CS/PTSD and a whole host of other conditions particularly benefit from effects of a, b, and c.  (see list of diseases)

What makes this clinic unique is the addition of HBOT to other standard means of treating pain especially brain and central nervous system disease. No other clinic in this area has this capacity or expertise. The available population for treatment is large and grossly underserved.

Accepted Payments and Insurance

We accept all major insurance carriers as well as cash. Medicare, BC/BS, Health Spring, United Health Care, Humana and Tri-Care are the primary payers.


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